What Is The View Outside Your Classroom Window??

th (7)What is your view outside your classroom window? I live in the country so my view is different from those who live in the city. When I look outside my classroom window, I see a bunch of fields and not much else.

Some crops I would see when I look outside the window would be wheat, corn, beans, and lots of trees. When I look outside there is nothing really fancy. I can see for miles and miles because there is nothing blocking my view.

My school is an old one story building. Some of the newer schools are built with more than one floor. I can only see things that are on ground level.

As the seasons change, so does my view. In spring and summer I can see blooming flowers and green foliage on the trees and bushes. In the fall the leaves change into many magnificent colors. Unfortunately, in the winter months the grass is not as green and the trees have lost their leaves.

I am sure my view is different from yours. I am sure that some people can see very tall buildings, some people might see a bunch of stores, and some people might have my view. Your view depends on where you live. Everybody has a different view.

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