What I Learned At Camp Oty Okwa

What I learned at camp Oty Okwa was teamwork!!!! Teamwork is the combined action of a group of people when effective and efficient. What teamwork means to me is a group of people just coming together and completing things together and being a team!!!!

My team used teamwork a lot!!!! One place where we showed teamwork was at the native village!!!! We were playing this game where each person had to throw these stuffed animals at each other in a certain order and if somebody dropped it we had to start over!!! What made the game more difficult is we had two people blind folded!!! We had to work together and use teamwork to complete the game!!!!!!!!

Another time my team showed teamwork was when we played the helium stick game!!! The helium stick game is where we had this big helium stick and everybody had to put one finger on and try to lower it to the ground!!!!! If we had not used teamwork we could not have completed the game!!!!!!

Another time my team used teamwork was when we were at split rock!!!!!!! Whenever somebody needed help getting up onto a rock or through a tunnel there would always be someone there to give them a hand!!!! I can guarantee that everybody on my team helped somebody when they needed it!!!! I know that nobody was left behind!!!!!

I think teamwork could help Salt Creek to become a better school because teamwork would get the children to come together and work as a team or group!!!!!!! I think teamwork is a great way to get people together!!!!!!!!

To learn more about teamwork go to http://thoughtreach.com. I also got the definition of teamwork from https://www.google.com/.


How I Decide What To Write About

What I chose to write about depends on what is going on in my life. I could write about what I like, what I see, what I did last week, what I want to do, etc. Sometimes what I write is chosen for me. Sometimes these assignments are easy, sometimes they are hard!! When I get to chose what to write about I usually like it better because it is something that just happened or something I really enjoy writing about!!!!! I like writing something I chose because it is so much easier to describe, to make more detailed and make it more interesting!!!!!

Once I get my topic I start brainstorming on what I want to put in my post!!!! I like to think about what to write beforehand so that when I have all of my ideas I can just get typing and never stop!!!

That is how I decide what to write about!!!

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How My Science Profession Relates To Drinking Water

My science profession is an Environmental Scientist. Drinking water relates to my science profession because they conduct experiments to keep water safe and clean!!!! They also perform investigations to identify and eliminate the sources of pollution or hazards in water!! Another thing that they do is study how pesticides affect our water and air. Environmental Scientists also monitor waters to detect containment’s and to keep people safe!!! That is how my science profession relates to drinking water!!

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What Makes Me Unique



I think that everybody is unique in their own way!!! Nobody is the same!! Everybody is  born with different traits that make them who they are today!!

One trait that makes me unique is that I  am always positive!! One example of me being positive is when the entire 6th grade went on a one day field trip to Camp Oty Okwa and we were paired in to different groups and my group was  playing a game and whenever we would mess up I would be there encouraging everybody to keep going!!! Another time I was positive was when I was at basketball practice and we were doing our defensive slides, and my entire team and I were encouraging the person doing them to keep going even if they get tired!!!!

Another trait that makes me unique is I am always cheerful!!! One example of me being cheerful was when my friend bit herself in the mouth while eating cracker sandwiches, I was there to cheer her up!!!!!! I think that I am always cheerful in any situation and I try to make the world around me a better place!!!!

Another trait that makes me unique is I am a hard worker!!!!! One example of being a hard worker is when I was helping my mom and dad clean up a house that they had just bought in Logan Elm Village to sell or rent out, I was trying my best to do whatever I could to help my mom and dad out!!!!! I always try to do my best in school and get the highest grade possible!!!!

One more trait that makes me unique is I am kind hearted!!!!!! One example of me being kind hearted is when me and my friend were deciding what to play for a game, she wanted to play a game that I didn’t but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings so we played it anyway!! I think that is being very kind hearted!!!!!! Another example of me being kind hearted is my dads friend used to own a business, but his business burnt down so my dad and his friends were trying to raise money for him and I donated 10 dollars of my own money!! I think that I was very kind hearted in that situation!!!

I think that everybody has great traits that makes them unique and they need to show them wherever they are!!!!!!!


Stop bullying!!!!

Stop bullying!!!!

Steven got braces two weeks ago. Kate, a girl in his class, every time he smiles calls him Braceface and Metal Mouth. Steven doesn’t like to show his teeth anymore at school because he knows Kate will make jokes about it.

Bullying is a big problem all over the world!!!! It happens every day! Young children get hurt from bullies!!!! Bullying needs to stop!!!

My view on bullying. I think bullying is a really mean thing to do!!! Who is getting bullied is the people that are getting picked on by the bully!! Where bullying is mostly happening is at the playground or at lunch. How the bullies are bullying them is they mostly make fun of them!!!

Is bulling really a problem? I think bulling is a real big problem!! Why I think bullies bully other people is they do it just for the fun of it!!! I think bullies are really hurting the persons feelings by the way they act!! When bullies usually bully is when they have free time at school!!! How bullies are bulling people is they tease them!!!!

How I react to bullying. How I react to bullying is I tell a teacher!!! When I tell the teacher about bulling is when the bullying gets really bad!!! Why I tell the teacher about bulling is to help the kid who is getting bullied!!!

How I define bullying. I think that bullying is a crime!!!! I think that bullying is a crime because you are hurting someones feelings!!!  I think that bullies are really hurting someones feelings because they are humiliating the person in front of everyone!!!!!

Is it always the bullies fault? I don’t think it is always the bullies fault because the person getting bullied might of did something to deserve it. The person getting bullied could have said some rude comments to deserve to get bullied!!!!

Do I recognize it when it happens? Yes, I usually do recognize bulling when it happens. When I see bulling the bully is usually making rude comments. I think that the bully usually bullies anywhere at school but when they have free time!!!

Bullying is unfair!!! I think that bulling is unfair because the person that is getting bullied is unique in their own way and does not deserve to be judged!!!!! I think bulling gets really unfair when the bullying gets really bad!!! Bullying is really unfair for the person who is getting  bullied!!!!!

What my scenario is about. Steven is getting bullied and Kate is bulling him!! Kate is calling him names because he has braces. Steven is getting bullied in a class at school. I think Kate is bulling him for popularity and just for the fun of it!!!!

Does bulling always look the same? I think bulling usually looks the same because the bullies do the same mean stuff to the person that they are bullying!!! Some of the things that the bully does to the person that they are bullying is teasing them, calling them names and making fun of them!!!!

How bulling hurts people. The bully humiliates them in front of everyone!!! The bully also calls them rude names and sometimes the bully could hurt someone by physically hurting them or hurting the person’s feelings!!!

Why do the bullies bully? I think the bullies bully for popularity!!! I also think that the bullies bully for the fun of it!! I also think that bully because they might not like the person that they are bullying!!!!

Why bullying is a problem. I think that bullying is a really big problem because you are hurting someone mentally or physically!!!! The bully is hurting someone by hitting them or making rude comments about them!!! I think that the bully bullies for popularity in his or her school!!!

How I would react in my scenario. I think that I would probably tell a teacher because I would not want anyone or myself to get bullied!!!!! I think that this could happen anywhere at school but probably in a classroom where there is a lot of people!!!!

I think bulling is a very wrong thing to do and needs to be stopped NOW!!!!!! Are you going to step up and stop bullying?

The link to the image is http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk.



Camp Oty Okwa- The Best Field Trip Ever!!!!

Camp Oty Okwa was a blast!!!! The funniest thing at camp Oty Okwa was split rock!!!!! Split rock was a bunch of rocks that we got to climb on!!!! Split rock also included caves, tunnels, fat man’s squeeze and a lot more!!!!!!

Fat man’s squeeze was this tunnel that goes down hill about eight feet and then when you reach the bottom of the hill you enter a path of complete darkness!!!! It was really funny to see my group try to get through the narrow path, but the problem was the rocks had shifted and had blocked the way to get through!!!!!!

One thing that I learned while at split rock was helpfulness!!! I learned helpfulness at split rock because if you needed help getting up a rock or getting down from a rock there would always be someone from your group to help you !!!! I can guarantee you that every single person on our team helped somebody!!!!

Another thing I learned while at split rock was trust!!!! I learned trust at split rock because we played a game where somebody on your team would lead you through different parts of split rock and you had to trust your leader that they were leading you somewhere safe!!!!!!

Another thing I learned while at split rock was leadership!!! I learned leadership at split rock because when you were the leader of your group while taking the group through split rock,  you had to know where you were going, where your group was at all times and what to do in case of emergency!!!!!!

Camp Oty Okwa was a blast and I hope I can go there in the spring for the overnight trip!!!!!