Relaxing Time


 The hot sun is glistening off the cool water.

The water is shallow but don’t take a big leap.

You never know what lies in the deep.

The water is calling my name.

To come join them on this beautiful day.

What a great place for a getaway.

Somewhere out in the unknown.

What a gorgeous day to relax at the beach.

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My Favorite Sport

volleyballMy favorite sport is volleyball. Volleyball gives me so much happiness and joy.

This was my first year playing volleyball. I played soccer my entire life. When I went into 7th grade at our middle school, I learned that they didn’t have a 7th grade soccer team. I was really bummed out. I looked at the sports played in the fall. When I was skimming the list, I saw volleyball. I never thought of volleyball as a sport that I would play, but I thought that I would give it a try.

When I had decided that I would try volleyball, my mom signed me up for volleyball camp at Logan Elm. I was worried going in that I was not going to be as good as everyone else. I had never played volleyball before. Surprisingly, I thought that I did really well at camp. When I went home on the last day of camp I told my mom that I wanted to play volleyball for the school this year.

Tryouts were just a couple weeks away. I was determined to make the volleyball team, so I practiced hard at my house. I served on my volleyball net. I had my dad spike balls at me so I could dig them up. I had my mom set the ball to me to work on my spikes.

When tryouts came I was ready, but still very nervous. When I walked into school, I was surprised to see so many people trying out. That made me even more nervous than I already was. The first day of tryouts was great. I had thought that I had shown very well. The last day of tryouts was very stressful. After our morning ended, we all waited anxiously for the news. When the coach called me in, I was so nervous I couldn’t stand it. When she told me that I had made the team, I was so excited.

When our first practice came around I was so excited. My volleyball season went very well. I was sitting around at my house one day when my mom asked me “Would you like to do club volleyball.” After long consideration I said yes. I am in club volleyball right now and it is so fun.

Like I said above, volleyball brings me so much happiness and joy. I cannot wait to continue playing volleyball.

I Am Poem


I Am Poem

I am determined.

I wonder how people look at me?

I hear my parents advice.

I see a bright future ahead of me.

I want to go to New York City.

I am honest.


I pretend that I always know what I am doing.

I feel awesome when I do things for others.

I touch people’s lives.

I worry that people will not like me.

I cry when I see other people in pain.

I am bright.


I understand that I can not be perfect.

I say things that I shouldn’t.

I dream to be somebody great.

I try to be a good person.

I hope that my family is proud of me.

I am me.

Blog Surfing

th (14)For this week’s challenge, we had to comment on five blogs. I went to so many great blogs. It was hard to choose just five.

The first blog that I visited was Madi’s Blog. I loved Madi’s blog because her blog had so many great posts. All of her posts were written very clearly. This is the comment that I left on Madi’s blog about school.

Hi Madi, my name is Jessica. My schedule sounds a lot like yours. This year I have played volleyball, basketball, and softball through my school. I also play club volleyball which coincides with a lot of these sports. I go to school from 8-2. I can’t believe that you go 2 more hours than I do. Please visit my blog

The second blog that I visited was Miriam’s Blog. I loved Miriam’s blog because her top article, Earth Hour grabbed me I found Earth Hour very interesting and that is the blog that I commented on. This is the comment that I left on her blog.

Hi Miriam, my name is Jessica. I like that you are writing about something important in our world. I have never heard of Earth Hour. I am on your blog at 7:00 pm on March 28th. My family is going to turn out all of our lights at 8:30. Please visit my blog

 .I loved Calista’s blog because she talked about sports. Anyone who knows me knows that I love sports. I commented on her post “My Sports Life.” This is the comment that I left on her blog.

Hi Calista, my name is Jessica. I love this post about your sports life. Volleyball is my favorite sport, but I play basketball and softball, too. Please visit my blog  

The fourth blog that I visited was Erin’s Blog. I loved Erin’s blog because like I said already I love sports and Erin wrote about sports. I commented on her post “Sports.” This is the comment that I left on her blog.

Hi Erin, my name is Jessica. I love this post about sports. I play volleyball ( which is my favorite), basketball, and softball. When I am not at school playing sports, I am playing sports at my house with my parents. I agree that you have to have a great attitude when playing a sport to do well. Please visit my blog

The last blog that I visited was Quynh-Thi’s Blog. I loved Quynh-Thi’s blog because she loved to bake, be outside, and eat chocolate. I commented on her post “About Me.” This is the comment that I left on her blog.

Hi Quynh-Thi, my name is Jessica. I love to eat chocolate and it sounds like you love to make it. My best friend is such a great baker. You should visit her blog I love to swim and play volleyball. Volleyball is my favorite sport that I play. I play volleyball, basketball, and softball. And I love to eat chocolate. Please visit my blog 

These are the blogs that I commented on and enjoyed.


Blog Audit

th (13)I had my mom do a blog audit for my blog. My mom had said many nice things about my blog and I was very happy with what she said.

One of the things that my mom said about my blog was that she loved my holiday background. She had also said that she liked my pictures that I used for my blog posts. I also love the pictures on my blog and I’m glad she agrees!!

Some of the other things that my mom said she loved was my blog roll. She thought that it was very cool that you could add people’s blogs that you wanted to visit later to your blog roll. My mom also loved cluster maps and my flag counter. She thought that it was cool that a widget could count the number of visits that you have on your blog and it could tell you what state they were from.

She loved my pac-man widget. She said that it reminds her of her childhood when she played pac-man. My mom also loved my holiday countdown widget. She thought that it was very useful for remembering how many days there were until Christmas.

One more thing that my mom said that she loved about my blog was my jigsaw puzzle. I had my mom take my jigsaw puzzle and she loved it!! I also showed my mom the different jigsaw puzzles that my classmates had created. She enjoyed trying to figure out what they were and putting them together.

The next thing that I had to do after she evaluated my blog was to ask her a couple of questions. The first question I had to ask was ” what were your first impressions of my blog?”. My mom had answered that her first impression was “wow”. She also loved my Christmas background.

th (11)The second question that I had to ask her was ” what captured your attention?”. My mom answered that my purple holiday background caught her attention. She also said that the kids in my ” Barely living In Poverty” post had caught her attention. The picture had two little kids begging for food. The kids were very skinny and were very poor.

The third question that I had to ask her was “what distracted you on my blog?”. She had said that the kids in my poverty post disturbed her and made her very upset.

The fourth and final question that I had to ask her was ” what suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?”. She said that what we are doing today is way more advanced than what she did as a kid. She said that she does not know how to do what we are doing today and could not give me any suggestions.

I really appreciate my mom doing my blog audit and I hope she enjoyed looking at my blog!!


Barely Living In Poverty

th (11)Poverty is a world-wide issue. ¹Poverty is the state of being extremely poor and the lack of having essential needs. We have people living in poverty in The USA and on every other continent.

²Did you know that 21000 people die every day from hunger or hunger related causes? ³As every four seconds go by, a person dies from hunger. Sadly most of these people dying are children. According to Global 1 out of 2 children live in poverty.

⁵Did you know that 121 million children do not get an education? I take going to school for granted. Somedays I wake up not wanting to go to school. A child in a poor country would love to take my spot and go to school.

 ⁶Almost half the world — over 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. I cannot imagine living on such little money. $2.50 at my school would buy you a lunch. What about the other two meals a day? I bet some people do not even eat three meals a day.

th (12)If you ask me I think that people should be doing more about poverty. People could donate to a family living in poor conditions and that money could help feed them and help pay for their needs. A lot of people just spend their money on things they do not need. People can be very wasteful. Unfortunately, many people in our society do not realize how their donations of money, food, and even clothes could benefit someone in need.

To learn more about poverty go to or visit





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